Jackson Vanest

Experienced Hope

Shrivers Hospice Foundation Providing Experienced Hope To Jackson Vanest

Jackson Vanest is a 16-year-old pediatric patient.

Shrivers Hospice provides care and support to him and his family. His clinical team recognized that his condition was taking a toll on him and his family. The Shrivers Hospice Foundation and the Someday is Today program wanted to step in to do something special for Jackson and give him something big to look forward to. When we spoke with him about the opportunity to cross something off of his bucket list, his request was simple. He just wanted to go fishing with his dad. We called on our friend Joe Thomas, former Cleveland Brown to help us surprise Jackson. We were taking him and his family on a Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Charter. Captain Eric Litton of Eye Catcher Charters, rolled out the red carpet and helped us plan a dinner at a local restaurant on the dock for Jackson to eat what he caught that day. He had the time of his life on the boat fishing and shared with us that it was the best day, a day where he had no worries, a day where he could focus on bonding with his family and creating lasting memories with them. His parents Jeff and Mary enjoyed this day with their son and considered the experience to be absolutely priceless. We’d like to extend a special thank you to Captain, Eric Litton of Eye Catcher Charters and to Keith’s Comfort Blankets for their private donation towards this experience for Jackson.