Mary Duncan

Experienced Healing

Shrivers Hospice Foundation Providing Experienced Healing To Mary Duncan

Shrivers Hospice patient Mary Duncan, didn’t have family or the support she needed locally.

Her son lived out West in Colorado. Mary’s nurse Greg Vaughn, made it a priority to do what he could to reunite her with her son before her condition worsened. After engaging the Shrivers Hospice Foundation, we knew the Someday is Today Program could help. The plan to relocated Mary to Denver and transfer her care to a Colorado Hospice provider was quickly set in motion. After a few weeks and much planning, Ms. Duncan boarded a plane with Greg by her side. We were helping her make the move to Colorado. The best thing for Mary was to have the love and support of her family during this time in her life. Greg stayed with Mary for a few days to make the transition a smooth as possible and to make sure the transfer of her care was seamless. This meant to the world to Mary and her son. They couldn’t believe that our team would go above and beyond to heal their worries in this way.