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Art Was The Start

Shrivers Hospice Foundation Providing Art Was The Start To Art Tracey

Shrivers Hospice Foundation was founded in 2018, but we weren’t 100% sure what our mission would be.

We did know that we wanted to support Shrivers Hospice in providing the local community the best hospice care imaginable. Later that year, along came Art. Art was a beloved patient, that similar to most, we spent a great deal of time with. During this time, while we provided his care, he shared his love of flying. Word spread throughout our team and found resonation with our Owner, John Coler. Then the magic happened…arrangements were made for Art to take flight in the same model aircraft that he piloted ''back in the day''. What began as a touching gesture for an ailing patient set forth the development of an entire foundation. We witnessed first-hand, the profound impact that fulfilling a patients dream has on that patient, and those closest to them. That’s when our ah-ha moment occurred, if we could do this for one patient, let’s do everything in our power to do it for as many patients as possible. The Shrivers Hospice Foundation was established and the Someday is Today program took flight to do just that…create patient experiences that provide hope and fond memories that celebrate living, love, and embody the human spirit.
Shrivers Hospice Foundation - Sandra Tipton
Founded in 2018

What does the Shrivers Hospice Foundation do?

By providing our local community the best hospice care imaginable. From simple to complex, designing an experience that fulfills a wish of our patients is what we do. Patients may dream of going on a plane ride, attending a family reunion out of state, seeing a final game by a favorite sports team or touching a horse again. Shrivers Hospice Foundation works collaboratively with the clinical teams at Shrivers Hospice to carry out patient’s wishes, thereby creating lasting memories for patients and their loved ones.

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